in a city's historical and cultura▓l memories so that history and hometown memory can take r▓oots in people's minds, helping them build stronge▓r cultural confidence and deeper love for the coun▓try, Xi said."The cities are built by the people and are fo▓

r the people," Xi said, adding that urban planning▓ and development must be committed to a people-centered approach and focus on people's

needs.At a civic cent▓er in a community where residents come from over 5▓0 countries and regions, Xi was briefed on the communi▓ty's platform that solicits residents' opinions, and talked with representatives of them attending a consultat▓ion meeting on a

draft law.Speaking of the community's e▓ndeavors as a gras

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t of the fourth plen

continue to explore diverse forms of democracy.Urban governance is an important part of accelerating the modernization of China's system and capacity for governance, X

i said.Xi stressed worki▓ng on shifting the focus and supporting resources of urban g▓overnance to sub-districts and communities to focus on ▓main duties and tasks, whic

h include primary-level Party building

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, urban management, community governance and▓ public services.Xi also heard reports on the work of the ▓CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Shanghai municipal government.Highlighting higher level of

urban governance▓ modernization, Xi called for taking a holistic approach in urban planning, construction, management, production, livin▓g and ecology and bringing into full play the effor▓ts of the government, society and citizens.Xi noted that the Lingang area of the Shanghai

pilot free trade zone shou▓ld carry out

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all-round high-level opening-up with gre▓ater depth, bproved, Xi said.Shanghai sho▓uld streng▓underscored targeted efforts in the innovation of systems▓ and mechanisms, strengthening institutions, and bo

osting▓ the quality of Chinese economy.The science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system must stay committed to their roles, and the qualit▓y of listed firms should be im

roader range, and more strength.He also